This blog will be a place where I will share any recipes to do with baking. I will also share any food experiences I have which I feel are worth your time. I will try to post once a week or more, depending on how much I bake.

I like to bake all sorts of cakes and I tend to put a modern spin on things. Hopefully this will come across in my blog. I will try to post simple step-by-step recipes that you will be able to follow.

I will also post about other things that have made me smile or things that I have enjoyed. I know that most blogs have one theme that they write about, but I find this hard to do and so instead my blog will be baking based, but it will also be an extension of me. A place where I can share my thoughts. I am a happy person who is always joking and this is what I would like to portray on this blog.

If you would like to know more about me then read this post.

Happy Baking and I hope you enjoy reading this blog!

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