Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter Decorations

Easter is a Christian festival and it is when we celebrate the fact the Jesus died for our salvation. Just as with Christmas, Easter has a lot of symbolism and I just happen to have the appropriate decorations! They make the house look very nice but also remind me of the importance of Easter for a Christian.

 A lot of animals and all humans are born from eggs. For this reason, eggs symbolise the start of a new beginning and Christians believe that when Jesus died he gave us a new life and this is where the Easter eggs come from.

I brought polyester eggs and used tissue paper, to create a paper mache effect. There is string attached on the top and so sometimes the eggs are hung and sometimes they are just lying around.

Bunnies and other farm animals became associated with Easter because of pagan festivals. Some say that the Pagans believed in Eostra, a German goddess of spring and fertility and the rabbit was her symbol. The Germans took this idea with them when the migrated to America, and lo and behold, they are everywhere today.
Jesus is known as the Lamb of God and this is why the Lamb is associated with Easter, along with other farm animals who seem to have hoped onto the band wagon.
Chicks are born from eggs and are associated with Easter for the reason stated above.

Every celebration needs chocolate and especially chocolates in cute animal forms. Today all Easter eggs have taken the shape of one of many symbols associated with Easter.

To complete the Easter decorations, a nice table cloth and some flowers. The table cloth has all the symbols of Easter on it and flower represent spring. The table cloth was a present and so unfortunately I cannot tell you where you can get one.

I hope you found this post insightful and if this post is popular I might do some more similar ones.

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