Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Healthy Cake?

The question on every bakers mind. Is there such a thing as a healthy cake? This question will probably split most of you, as some will want a healthy cake(Are you crazy?) and some will say there is no such thing.

Lets be honest, do you really want a healthy cake? For me the best part about the cake is that it is a naughty treat and I know that I probably shouldn't be having it, but I have it anyway. The fact that you are treating yourself makes the celebration even more special. Could you imagine a world with healthy cake? Woah, let's celebrate your promotion with a fat free, high in protein, low in sugar, zucchini cake. (Yeah, that's what we have all been dreaming about!)

I think the scary thing for me though is that we are closer to this then we may want to believe. With Flora Light and Truvia sweetener, which insists is calorie free, you may just have a healthy cake for your next birthday. Though we all know, as long as our grandparents continue to make cakes, they will 'not be adding any of that rubbish.'

Although, thinking about it now, a healthy cake may just be a good thing. With fewer calories we would all be able to have much more cake, move over fruit salad, a slice of chocolate cake is coming. But then again, cake wouldn't be cake any more, would it? It would be classed as a healthy snack. (Urgggggh)

Therefore, I am saying NO, NO, NO to all healthy cakes and anyone I find trying to even trick me into eating a healthy cake will get the chop and be publicly humiliated. :-)

I don't know if there will ever be a healthy cake but I sure know that I would rather give up McDonald's than give up cakes. Which by the way has 400+ more calories per an average meal than a slice of chocolate cake!

Would do you think?


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